Is Hacking Good or Bad?

Hacking is a very controversial topic since there are two sides to this. While living in such virtual world these days where companies, schools, and humans rely on technology so much to the point it interferes with physical life, hacking can’t go anywhere. With networks, databases, machines we need security to stop malicious activities to corrupt or damage important things. Hacking doesn’t necessarily mean breaking into something or accessing without permission. Think of it as there is a new building that needs to have a lock to be closed and safe. But there are ways to break through the lock and ways to secure the building with motion sensors which are more secure to have for security on a building than a lock. Some people are smart enough to go through the lock and some people smart enough to go through the motion sensors. Hacking is also about securing and testing security, to keep certain data safe/secure. We live in a world where there are bad people and good people. Hacking is like martial arts, you can use martial arts to protect your self and others or hurt others. Hacking is good or bad depending on how you use it. That’s where “White Hat Hackers” and “Black Hat Hackers” come on this topic. “White Hat Hackers” are usually people who work for security companies or either do pen-testing on firewalls, networks etc. “Black Hat Hackers” are people who use their skills to access unauthorized data, damaging data, blackmailing, and make illegal actions online. The cops and criminals of the virtual world.

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No Choice

Have you ever had a feeling when you had no choice left? The feeling the choice you have is still bad. The choice that will affect your whole life. That choice affected you negatively yes, that choice. Where you had sacrifice one thing and loose everything else. The life that chooses for you. Every time you close your eyes you see it and it flows around your body like cold winds. Every time before you go to sleep it gives you a bad nightmare. It makes you feel guilty and the feeling of deserving a punishment. It’s like you have to blame yourself, everyone says it’s not your fault but you still blame yourself. Somebody has to be responsible for it and when can’t find anyone to blame you blame yourself. Sometimes people get a responsibility that they are not ready for yet. Then when something goes wrong it’s you to blame. The life of kids that have been just given a weapon and told to shoot or they will die. Not all people are given a choice so be happy.


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Existence of Life on Mars

There are huge possibilities that there is life on Mars. There was a source of water before. There still might a source of water somewhere, and there might be some type of bacteria living in the water. Which puts the big chance of a form of life on Mars. I personally think there is life on mars, that planet just really seems that it might have life on it or had. Mars is smaller than Earth , the gravity is different and the orbit is different. Mars might be the place humanity will live in if something happens to Earth. Doesn’t it sometimes seem that we are missing something, like the spaceagency is hiding something from us. What if there is a life that could be a threat to humans , like a dangerous bacteria or an alien. That what if statement doesn’t seem realistic, but it’s possible. When it would be time for us to finally live on Mars it might be to late. There is a lot of theories saying there might be an unknown planet proceding to our home, and that it might crash. Scientist say that it is a low possibility that will happen, the planet is called Nibiru. Lets get back on topic, I am pretty sure there is a life on Mars or there was a life. There was water before , but it might have dried out which would’ve put the life in danger or in suffering.


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Do Aliens Exist?

That’s a very tricky question because there are two big possibilities to choose from. The first one is “Space is big and there is got to be more civilizations.”, the second choice is “No there is no life space is too dangerous for any other life.”, isn’t it tricky? If I personally had to choose one it would be the first one. Space is big and there is got to be a life form, there can’t not be. We want there to be aliens, it’s like their suppose to be there. There is a lot of conspiracy theories of aliens  being caught on camera or NASA hiding something from us and the goverment is hiding the test on aliens in Area 51. We don’t really know and I don’t think we will find out any sooner. Some people on the internet will start a rumor  saying that “I caught an image of a spaceship.” or something a little more realistic. Rumors  on the internet are spread instantly, everyone will believe because they have to. Soon the guy who made it up will start believing a lie he made himself. It is hard not to. We humans are used for things happening our way, as I said before thet have to! Lets get back on topic, So my final theory is that aliens are real “They have to be.”


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Trump’s Logic

Well, Donald Trump is not really intelligent enough to be a president. He is simply just immature. He doesn’t really know the definition of “make America great again.” He is making America even worse because he is against Muslims and Mexicans. Can you imagine what will happen? They will want their jobs back. He is bringing more criminal actions to the middle-eastern countries and South American countries. I just feel bad for his kids, imagine how much hate they get from other people. He wants to stop terrorism by stopping innocent Muslims entering the country. He is increasing transgression around the US. More people will get mad and start hurting innocent people that voted for Trump. I personally don’t vote for him because he doesn’t really know what he is doing. He has no experience in politics, which makes him unprepared to being a president. He is just disgusting, he says disgusting things about women. Which makes him a total sexist, racist and a hypocrite. Well, Hillary is not a good president either but I would rather choose her. Everyone suddenly thinks that she is a bad president because she deleted a lot of emails, that’s just one mistake. If you compare them both, there will be a huge difference between them. That’s just my opinion I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but really think about it, please. Just stop reading for a second and dig deep into your conscience. Do you see it? Imagine yourself being a Muslim, how would you feel? Not that good. We are all equal, there is no difference between us.trumpandhillary







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Gender Relationship

A lot of gay people get hate for liking the same gender. I absolutely hate people who are against gay people. It’s exactly the same as being racist. The sexism must be stopped, that’s the problem some religions are against gay people so sexism will be continued for a long time. Imagine the feeling of those gay people, how much they get offended. All people are the same no matter your skin color, religion, gender we are all the same. For example, if you bring up the topic about a gay relationship in school most teacher will associate it as an inappropriate topic but why? Straight relationships don’t bother teachers and etc, and there is nothing wrong with gay relationships. They are all normal human beings. Don’t be disgusted by the genders’ sexual attraction. Just live your life and he will live his life. Don’t bother it’s not your business as long as they’re happy and they have no threat don’t include yourself in their privacy. Imagine being in a world where being gay is normal and being straight is unusual and weird, how would you feel. You would think its normal and nothing is wrong with it. But what will they think? Sexism and hate against same sexual relationship should stop. Maybe it is unusual but nothing is wrong with it. Don’t let the opinions of other change your personality and character stay who you are and don’t be afraid of a stranger’s face expression.

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What is Reality?

If you actually think about it, what is reality or what do we think the reality is? But remember we see, we feel, we touch, we hear, we smell and it doesn’t mean these senses are always right. It’s like a blind spot in our eye. Just stop reading for a second and look around, do you see the blind spot? No, you don’t because our brain fills it in. If you personify right now what the brain thinks about the blind spot, it would say hmmm.. This doesn’t look right, and it will fill the blind spot so well you wouldn’t recognize what’s wrong with the picture. What if all our senses trick us that way without us understanding it. There is a lot of what ifs this question won’t really be proven until humanity dies. A lot of religious people say that death is just the beginning, what if death is the end. How do we really know who’s right? Muslims, Christians and Catholics say that if you do bad things and sin you will go to hell. Buddhism says that not all people are gonna get what they deserve, not all people who deserve to die doesn’t really mean they have to die! What do we really know exists? What if the movie matrix is right about this reality. What if Buddhism is right. What if all the Muslims and Christians are wrong. The only two words you can use in each sentence is what if. What if this is all a dream that we can’t wake up from, or reality might be space cosmological reasons. What if space is the actual reality of all this existence. Reality is not really defined.


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