Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are a bad way to relief stress and pain. But they completely ruin your life    in a way, you won’t have kids,family,job,wife and you won’t be counted as a normal person in life. You are going to be like worthless peace of crap laying down on the ground not understanding any word people say to you. But is not hard to quit since you started to drink often. If drugs,alcohol and smoking weren’t  a addiction to the brain a lot people would have quit a long time ago. because your brain gets used to it so when you try to quit your brain keeps telling you drink drink drink. Which will cause aggression, headache and shaking. But drugs on the other side just make your life shorter every second in alcohol you will just get a heat attack and die. But in drugs like cocaine, tobacco , heroin , meth and crocodile you will feel sickness, weakness, illusions and you will just look terrible and die from not being able to wake up from choking on your own vomit. Don’t  do drugs kids.drugs

About Adam Khalifa

A Bad Writer, coder, hacker, martial artist, photographer. Just Dab on em Haters....
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One Response to Alcohol and Drugs

  1. Nada says:

    So proud of what you wrote


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