What is really time or can we describe it.Well we know it continues we know we experience it everyday. But we can’t really say what it really is and we can’t  describe it either.We know how long it takes for something to reach here by using time but we don’t know what it really is. Its a big head scratcher think and think and think.Well scientist say there is no time in blackholes well its not exactly proven. I personally think we would never be able to come inside one it will completely tear us apart in to pieces we are going to be moving the same speed of light! Can u imagine no not really thats the good part of science we will never learn the whole science maybe a big a amount but never all. If we made science then it wouldn’t make sense to explore what you made, am I right? If god didn’t create science whats the whole concept of it. It will be useless if we made science.Just think about it, makes sense right but the hardest point of being a scientist is believing in god, because you are exploring so many things and going so far but JUST CAN’T FIND THE EXACT ANSWER! Time is a theory.TIME POST ARTICLE.jpg

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One Response to Time

  1. Alfred says:

    I have always believed that thought and language are linked – in other words, when we think, we speak inside our head. If that is true then we simply do not posses the language skills needed to think about the nature of time. It cannot be put into words. All we can do is describe what time “does” – not what time “is”. The only way to try to get around this restriction is with the use of a special language – mathematics. If you understand the language of mathematics then you can look at an equation and see an inner beauty which is not seen by those who are mathematically weak. The same is true for other fundamental properties of the universe – mass, charge, energy and space – but we end up defining everything in terms of the other terms that we don’t really understand. We’re left with the best that science can give us – a more interesting puzzle to think about. We may never solve it, but that’s no reason to feel disappointed. Just be satisfied that you possess a brain that that can appreciate ideas like these, instead of thinking, “Where is my next meal to be found? Where can I get shelter? Are predators trying to eat me?”


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