What is Reality?

If you actually think about it, what is reality or what do we think the reality is? But remember we see, we feel, we touch, we hear, we smell and it doesn’t mean these senses are always right. It’s like a blind spot in our eye. Just stop reading for a second and look around, do you see the blind spot? No, you don’t because our brain fills it in. If you personify right now what the brain thinks about the blind spot, it would say hmmm.. This doesn’t look right, and it will fill the blind spot so well you wouldn’t recognize what’s wrong with the picture. What if all our senses trick us that way without us understanding it. There is a lot of what ifs this question won’t really be proven until humanity dies. A lot of religious people say that death is just the beginning, what if death is the end. How do we really know who’s right? Muslims, Christians and Catholics say that if you do bad things and sin you will go to hell. Buddhism says that not all people are gonna get what they deserve, not all people who deserve to die doesn’t really mean they have to die! What do we really know exists? What if the movie matrix is right about this reality. What if Buddhism is right. What if all the Muslims and Christians are wrong. The only two words you can use in each sentence is what if. What if this is all a dream that we can’t wake up from, or reality might be space cosmological reasons. What if space is the actual reality of all this existence. Reality is not really defined.


About Adam Khalifa

A Bad Writer, coder, hacker, martial artist, photographer. Just Dab on em Haters....
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