Gender Relationship

A lot of gay people get hate for liking the same gender. I absolutely hate people who are against gay people. It’s exactly the same as being racist. The sexism must be stopped, that’s the problem some religions are against gay people so sexism will be continued for a long time. Imagine the feeling of those gay people, how much they get offended. All people are the same no matter your skin color, religion, gender we are all the same. For example, if you bring up the topic about a gay relationship in school most teacher will associate it as an inappropriate topic but why? Straight relationships don’t bother teachers and etc, and there is nothing wrong with gay relationships. They are all normal human beings. Don’t be disgusted by the genders’ sexual attraction. Just live your life and he will live his life. Don’t bother it’s not your business as long as they’re happy and they have no threat don’t include yourself in their privacy. Imagine being in a world where being gay is normal and being straight is unusual and weird, how would you feel. You would think its normal and nothing is wrong with it. But what will they think? Sexism and hate against same sexual relationship should stop. Maybe it is unusual but nothing is wrong with it. Don’t let the opinions of other change your personality and character stay who you are and don’t be afraid of a stranger’s face expression.

About Adam Khalifa

A Bad Writer, coder, hacker, martial artist, photographer. Just Dab on em Haters....
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