Do Aliens Exist?

That’s a very tricky question because there are two big possibilities to choose from. The first one is “Space is big and there is got to be more civilizations.”, the second choice is “No there is no life space is too dangerous for any other life.”, isn’t it tricky? If I personally had to choose one it would be the first one. Space is big and there is got to be a life form, there can’t not be. We want there to be aliens, it’s like their suppose to be there. There is a lot of conspiracy theories of aliens  being caught on camera or NASA hiding something from us and the goverment is hiding the test on aliens in Area 51. We don’t really know and I don’t think we will find out any sooner. Some people on the internet will start a rumor  saying that “I caught an image of a spaceship.” or something a little more realistic. Rumors  on the internet are spread instantly, everyone will believe because they have to. Soon the guy who made it up will start believing a lie he made himself. It is hard not to. We humans are used for things happening our way, as I said before thet have to! Lets get back on topic, So my final theory is that aliens are real “They have to be.”


About Adam Khalifa

A Bad Writer, coder, hacker, martial artist, photographer. Just Dab on em Haters....
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