Existence of Life on Mars

There are huge possibilities that there is life on Mars. There was a source of water before. There still might a source of water somewhere, and there might be some type of bacteria living in the water. Which puts the big chance of a form of life on Mars. I personally think there is life on mars, that planet just really seems that it might have life on it or had. Mars is smaller than Earth , the gravity is different and the orbit is different. Mars might be the place humanity will live in if something happens to Earth. Doesn’t it sometimes seem that we are missing something, like the spaceagency is hiding something from us. What if there is a life that could be a threat to humans , like a dangerous bacteria or an alien. That what if statement doesn’t seem realistic, but it’s possible. When it would be time for us to finally live on Mars it might be to late. There is a lot of theories saying there might be an unknown planet proceding to our home, and that it might crash. Scientist say that it is a low possibility that will happen, the planet is called Nibiru. Lets get back on topic, I am pretty sure there is a life on Mars or there was a life. There was water before , but it might have dried out which would’ve put the life in danger or in suffering.


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