Is Hacking Good or Bad?

Hacking is a very controversial topic since there are two sides to this. While living in such virtual world these days where companies, schools, and humans rely on technology so much to the point it interferes with physical life, hacking can’t go anywhere. With networks, databases, machines we need security to stop malicious activities to corrupt or damage important things. Hacking doesn’t necessarily mean breaking into something or accessing without permission. Think of it as there is a new building that needs to have a lock to be closed and safe. But there are ways to break through the lock and ways to secure the building with motion sensors which are more secure to have for security on a building than a lock. Some people are smart enough to go through the lock and some people smart enough to go through the motion sensors. Hacking is also about securing and testing security, to keep certain data safe/secure. We live in a world where there are bad people and good people. Hacking is like martial arts, you can use martial arts to protect your self and others or hurt others. Hacking is good or bad depending on how you use it. That’s where “White Hat Hackers” and “Black Hat Hackers” come on this topic. “White Hat Hackers” are usually people who work for security companies or either do pen-testing on firewalls, networks etc. “Black Hat Hackers” are people who use their skills to access unauthorized data, damaging data, blackmailing, and make illegal actions online. The cops and criminals of the virtual world.

About Adam Khalifa

A Bad Writer, coder, hacker, martial artist, photographer. Just Dab on em Haters....
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