What is DarkWeb/DeepWeb? Explained!

Well, first Darkweb is 500x bigger than your normal search engine like Google, Yahoo and etc… Darkweb is not a website it is a society or an area where all illegal actions are done like selling of drugs, weapons, fake ids and basically everything you do to get in jail. It is not entered easily you will have to download a search engine called Tor. Tor lets you access websites anonymously with a whole different identity it is not a game to open and play with. Dangerous hackers can trace you and threaten you. It is possible to trace it back to you. You are thinking why doesn’t the FBI or the CIA take them down because their website changes IP addresses every two minutes which is very hard to track down, It is possible but you need professional experience with coding and network. To find those websites you need to access on Tor is called hidden wiki when you access hidden wiki you will see all the links to buying/selling drugs, weapons and etc. Please enter Darkweb at your own risk it is not a jokethe-dark-web-3-638

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Merry Christmas!

Oh its nearly Christmas! I can wait to gather with my family and have fun opening my presents.My favourite songs Deck the Halls and Jingle bells, I just can’t wait. I am so hyper! Did you know that Deck the Halls was developed in 1862, isn’t that delirious that was a long time ago. Jingle Bells was even developed earlier. Jingle Bells was developed in 1857.Not that big of a difference.The differences are that even if they are both english songs , a Scottish man made Deck the Halls his name was Thomas Oliphant and an American man named James Lord Pierpont wrote Jingle bells.In that era of instruments they only had drums,pianos,bells and brass. Well the reason they wrote these FASCINATING and AMAZING songs is because IT WAS CHRISTMAS the best month of the year. I chose those songs because they were one of my favourite Christmas songs and because they are the most known ones.These songs don’t have any connections with me, but I just love the beat.I hope everyone a good Christmas!





Link: wikipedia.org

Source 2: weeksuntil


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The Theory of Everything

What is an estimation is science? A theory, ok think about it like this 567+678 the estimation is about a 1100 right a close answer but not exactly accurate. Thats just how science really works.What if we live in the future, what if we live in the past or what if we are a video game. Low chance probability but possible maybe just not in our imagination. We just don’t exactly know why we are what we are. What if this article was posted 10 years ago but it shows that it was posted on the 29th of November 2016 what if? Low chance probability but possible right or no. Did you ever hear a phrase that says everything is possible, you probably did. When we say that right now maybe the earth might die but you think there earth won’t die right now maybe not here but somewhere else. Now I am kind of talking about parallel universes “but everything is possible” just not here or what if happened it happened in the future but we  are just reaching there. AGAIN “everything is possible”.

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What is really time or can we describe it.Well we know it continues we know we experience it everyday. But we can’t really say what it really is and we can’t  describe it either.We know how long it takes for something to reach here by using time but we don’t know what it really is. Its a big head scratcher think and think and think.Well scientist say there is no time in blackholes well its not exactly proven. I personally think we would never be able to come inside one it will completely tear us apart in to pieces we are going to be moving the same speed of light! Can u imagine no not really thats the good part of science we will never learn the whole science maybe a big a amount but never all. If we made science then it wouldn’t make sense to explore what you made, am I right? If god didn’t create science whats the whole concept of it. It will be useless if we made science.Just think about it, makes sense right but the hardest point of being a scientist is believing in god, because you are exploring so many things and going so far but JUST CAN’T FIND THE EXACT ANSWER! Time is a theory.TIME POST ARTICLE.jpg

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Ways The Earth Will Die?


The further we get in technology than less we have to work physically/mentally think. For example I got a duck since it was little and I was feeding it and taking care of it. If I let go of that duck in the wild it wouldn’t know how to hunt or survive in these conditions. Exactly with us and technology.

Galaxy Colliding

There is still billions of years until we collide with andromeda but imagine we were still alive at that time while we collide with andromeda the sea rice might go up,the gravitational pull from the other planets might suck one of ours and then another and another until earth and then a huge explosion booom we are suddenly dead.


World War 3

Well if Trump and Putin become friends they are going to nuke the whole world I bet if Putin  saw this he would send his secret agents to kill me just like they killed someone in the elevator.Okay so Trump is retard and Putin is a criminal type so if they collide like our galaxy and andromeda what will happen? A explosion.



Have you ever seen Terminator if we humans make an intelligence that can think on their own they might choose a bad decision and go against humans there will be a war just like in the Terminator and trust me we would lose.

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Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are a bad way to relief stress and pain. But they completely ruin your life    in a way, you won’t have kids,family,job,wife and you won’t be counted as a normal person in life. You are going to be like worthless peace of crap laying down on the ground not understanding any word people say to you. But is not hard to quit since you started to drink often. If drugs,alcohol and smoking weren’t  a addiction to the brain a lot people would have quit a long time ago. because your brain gets used to it so when you try to quit your brain keeps telling you drink drink drink. Which will cause aggression, headache and shaking. But drugs on the other side just make your life shorter every second in alcohol you will just get a heat attack and die. But in drugs like cocaine, tobacco , heroin , meth and crocodile you will feel sickness, weakness, illusions and you will just look terrible and die from not being able to wake up from choking on your own vomit. Don’t  do drugs kids.drugs

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Life is Unplanned


Starving kids in Africa.

Life is very unplanned you have no idea of what is gonna happen after five seconds. Life is not always fair its never going to be fair. Some people are starving,abused,depressed in stress all the time. Some people have mental problems and some people have physical problems I am sure nobody planed to be Autistic. Life is hard in one part of your life.

Believe me your parents my parents they don’t  draw money , they work hard and they earned it. Whats sad sometimes is when kids argue and fight with their parents disrespect them, don’t care about them, think their bad and worthless. Well your wrong 93.99% wrong why ninety three  is because seven percents are terrible parents who throw you out of the house and tell you to survive. So if your rich and wealthy then thank your parents for everything, be happy and optimistic show a good role model to your children,strangers and people who need help. Help people who are starving , help people who need money and food. Be kind,respectful,optimistic,prodigious and just thank your family.

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